Delete Twitter

How to download your data?

You can view your Twitter data directly on by:

  1. Going to your Profile and settings.

  2. Click or tap Your Twitter data or go there direct via

  3. You can download your Twitter archive on your Account page and scrolling to the bottom.

  4. Click or tap Request archive. You will be sent an email with a link to your Twitter archive shortly.

How to be safer on Twitter if you're staying?

  1. Disable all personalisation and data settings to put a stop to the personalisation of ads and the tracking and sharing of some of your data.

  2. Delete any personal information from your profile that Twitter doesn't need to function. For example, Gender, Age, Phone, etc. Twitter will guess some of this information based on your activity and it will probably be right but why make it easy for them.

  3. Check if you've shared your contacts with Twitter Do you need to give them access to other peoples data?

  4. Check what third-party apps you've authorised to access your Twitter data and delete the ones you don't recognise or remember using.

Ready to permanently delete Twitter?

To delete your account you have to deactivate it first and then wait a while.

  1. You will need to log into Twitter on the web. You can't delete your account from within the Twitter app.

  2. Go to your Profile and settings and scroll to the bottom to find the Deactivate your account link. You can go there direct via

  3. Click or tap Deactivate @username.

  4. Confirm your password and click or tap Deactivate account.

  5. You now have a 30-day cooling off period. If you feel you reached this step too soon and you can't live without Twitter you can log back in within this time to reactivate your account.

  6. Once the 30 days are up your account will start to be deleted and you're done. Have a hug 🤗

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