Be a Deletist: Reduce your digital data footprint, become anonymous, and make more time.

Tue 24 April 2018

SUMMARY: Advice and guides to support the privacy conscious, the minimalists and everyone else on their path to deletism.

Privacy is becoming a bigger and bigger concern. These days you donโ€™t have to look far to find negative news on the likes of Facebook, Google and other tech giants; collecting the most extensive data sets ever assembled on human social behaviour for the sole purpose of advertising to us.


Be a Deletist, contains the Top 10 Delete Hit List including Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter and more. These lists include guides on how to be safer online, permanently delete your data and alternatives to try.

People are becoming self-aware but most find it hard to let go. The advice and guides on Be a Deletist along with the motivational newsletter you can sign up for will help people on their path to deletism: reducing digital clutter and making more time for things that matter.

It's no longer safe to be ignorant to this social norm of exchanging your data for the โ€œfreeโ€ use of products. It's time to reduce your digital footprint and take back control of your data.


The website design, content and newsletter have been built with no funding by one human who believes that the movement of deletism will make our digital world a better place: paving the way for ethically-designed decentralised systems.

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